The Graham Munro Charitable Foundation – October 22, 2018

The Graham Munro Charitable Foundation donates $500,000 to supply chain management studies at Laurier

WATERLOO – The Graham Munro Charitable Foundation announced a donation of $500,000 to Wilfrid Laurier
University’s Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. The gift, announced Oct. 22, will advance research and
education in supply chain management.

“This is a game changer for Laurier and businesses in our region,” said Deborah MacLatchy, Laurier president
and vice-chancellor. “With this support, Laurier and the Graham Munro Charitable Foundation will cultivate the
next generation of leaders in supply chain management.”
The donation will name the M-O (Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines Limited) director at Laurier’s Centre for Supply
Chain Management, a role that will foster awareness of the supply chain management profession among
students and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with industry to support teaching excellence and

“The field of supply chain management is changing at a rapid pace and requires fresh talent, innovation and a
competitive edge to keep the economy growing,” said Doug Munro, president, Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines
Limited. “Partnering with Laurier to provide students with the best education for career success is a win-win for
everyone. We are excited to help students break into their professions with their best foot forward and
invigorate industry with the sharpest and best-trained minds.”
In addition to the directorship, the donation will fuel incentive scholarships to attract national and international
graduate students, and will also support the Lazaridis Supply Chain Association, a new student association that
provides its members with experiential learning opportunities, applied research projects at industry companies,
and connections to professional associations.

“This investment from the Graham Munro Charitable Foundation will enhance our ability to support supply chain
management students and faculty who are driving Canada’s prosperity,” said Micheál J. Kelly, dean of the
Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. “In addition to benefitting from innovative education and applied
research in companies, students will build invaluable industry connections that will provide them with a strong
foundation on the best business practices from some of the most successful global companies.”

About the Graham Munro Charitable Foundation: The Graham Munro Charitable Foundation is a private,
registered Canadian foundation that transforms lives through financial grants. The foundation was established
in 1986 by the shareholders of Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines Limited. The foundation continues its work today
under the leadership of Doug Munro, president of Maritime-Ontario, its Board of Directors, and executive

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