Our Facilities

Since 1962, M-O’s core business has been providing transportation services. Our services are performed through 24 strategic locations across Canada supported from the companies Head office located in Brampton, Ontario. This state of the art facility and flagship terminal is located on a 65 acre footprint adjacent to CN Intermodal, and in close proximity to CP’s Vaughan Intermodal Terminal. The high security yard has parking for more than 400 trailers or containers and also contains a 42,000 square foot office facility.

Supported by a 127,000 square foot dock measuring 170 feet wide this unique facility enables the efficient and minimal handling of freight while allowing efficient load sequencing to maximize the cube of each trailer and or container.

M-O realizes the importance of having high performing and or efficient cross dock terminals, and as such is reinvesting in several key cities in the country. In November 2015 M-O announced the official opening of its new Atlantic Canadian hub located in Moncton, N.B. built at a cost of $18.5M.

This terminal sits on a 46 acre parcel of land and is in close proximity to CN Intermodal Moncton, and close to the Trans- Canada highway. The new building consists of a two story office tower with 20,000 square feet of office space and a 68,000 square foot warehouse and cross dock. The cross dock has also been designed with a 170 foot wide dock like the company’s Brampton flagship facility.

As a further testimony to M-O’s commitment to continually invest in infrastructure and better serve our customers, the company announced on July 12th 2016 the opening of its new Vancouver terminal and office located in Surrey, BC. This building like other M-O facilities features the latest in building technology & design. It is situated on a 16.42 acre site, with 8,600 square feet of office and 78 truck level doors. As is the case with all M-O facilities this building is fully fenced, lighted and has CCTV security camera surveillance throughout yard, office and warehouse.