On the Right Track: The Security Advantage of Rail Deliveries

On the Right Track:
The Security Advantage of Rail Deliveries

As we continue to navigate the aftermath of the pandemic and various supply chain setbacks, the significance of safety and security in cargo transportation has become a priority for businesses and individuals alike. Rightly so, as potential theft or damage to goods can impact both an organization’s reputation and bottom line. Below are a few noteworthy points to illustrate why rail continues to be a reliable choice when prioritizing the safety and security of goods.


Enhanced Security

As developers continue to create new forms of technology and AI, our Canadian railways continue to increase their investments in the security tools that they use to keep their systems secure. Some examples of these tools include surveillance technologies, such as advanced video monitoring, motion and thermal sensors, and intrusion detection systems. These tools provide 24/7 monitoring of all the aspects of the rail network, from the railyards to the railcars themselves, allowing for prompt action against any suspicious activities. On top of the tech-related tools, rail systems also have their own commissioned police force who assist in keeping commodities secure by providing in-person observation, and escorts through areas that may require heightened supervision.


Minimal Vulnerability to Theft

Unlike over-the-road or air freight, where cargo often requires more touchpoints with frequent handling and transfers, specialized teams load rail shipments into sealed containers where they will travel from origin to destination via their exclusive infrastructure. The sealed container acts as an additional layer of protection, deterring potential thieves from accessing the cargo, while the use of these dedicated teams and strict protocols minimizes the risk of internal theft.


Reduced Exposure to Accidents and Delays

Rail systems are built with safety and efficiency as a primary focus and have a lower incidence of accidents when compared with transportation over the road. In addition to railways having dedicated tracks separate from passenger traffic, the streamlined nature of rail operations ensures fewer delays caused by unforeseeable circumstances, which reduces the time and opportunity for potential security breaches.

As our customers strive to protect their valuable cargo, rail transportation is an excellent option for the secure movement of goods thanks to its enhanced security, minimal vulnerability to theft, and reduced exposure to accidents and delays.


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