FreightWORKS® is an innovative service from M-O. We offer the ultimate way to move palletized freight from coast to coast across Canada. This unique system of logistic loading and transporting freight allows M-O to stack multiple levels of palletized freight within each unit.

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Our unique logistic loading system ensures your freight arrives damage-free:

  • Claims are virtually eliminated
  • Any size pallet can be accommodated


Palletized shipments are transported as intact units. The FreightWORKS® system provides maximum equipment utilization and handling efficiencies, resulting in real savings passed on to our customers. M-O provides:

  • Easy tracking of individual shipments
  • Pallet pricing for varying sizes of pallets
  • No breaking-down or top-loading palletized shipments


Insulated state-of-the-art logistic equipment provides protective service for freezable freight.


The net result – your palletized freight is transported in a secure “warehouse on wheels” to its final destination. Some additional benefits are:

  • Consolidation capabilities for large volume shippers and/or receivers
  • Simplified pricing structure which eliminates surprises
  • Easy tracking of shipments, supported by web-based image retrieval of BOL’s and POD’s

COLDChain ®

cold-chain2COLDChain® is prepared to meet our customers’ market needs, covering the full scope of unique services required for temperature critical transportation. M-O® COLDChain® clearly conveys the vital role we play in the intricate cold chain distribution transportation market. Our services provide shippers with the solutions they are seeking – temperature-verified shipping in compliance with the Health Canada regulations. 


We offer a proven and cost effective solution for transporting temperature critical products. We protect the integrity of the product, shipped at the right temperature with the verified documentation to prove it.

M-O® COLDChain® will exceed the expectations of clientele seeking a cost effective means of shipping small and large drop, temperature-critical goods that adheres to the appropriate guidelines for handling, storage and distribution.

Our team of Temperature-Critical Delivery Experts® can be counted on to deliver your temperature-sensitive shipments with the same level of high quality service and value you have come to expect from our company.

IMG_1543Key Strengths of M-O® COLDChain®

  • A validated data recovery system providing you with hard-copy temperature data receipts to ensure you meet new Health Canada Regulations.
  • Full range climate control of - 25°C to 25°C with a back-up power supply.
  • Each vehicle is qualified using stringent validation measurements.
  • Compliance with Applicable Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Distribution Practices and the Health Canada Regulations for Temperature Control Required Throughout the Cold Chain.
  • A 13-point temperature probe mapping process, to prevent temperature-related problems such as denatured proteins and reduced shelf-life.
  • Quality systems in place outlining how temperature control is managed, and how our professional drivers and employees are trained to control temperature-sensitive freight.
  • Updated vehicles with 1 full outside door and 2 smaller inside doors to minimize temperature variance.
  • An insulated delivery chamber considerably thicker than traditional refrigerated units.
  • Fully calibrated vehicles meeting HACCP specifications.


This flexible division provides services outside of the realm of domestic services offered through M-O. Logisticworks® expertly handles our customers’ transborder, international and specialty move shipments including: freight forwarding services; freight transportation by truck, train, boat and air; freight brokerage services as well as warehousing requirements.


MO – Bulk Services has a large late-model fleet specializing in large-volume bulk movements. Our operating methods allow us the flexibility to meet fluctuating demands of our customers while maintaining a high level of service and safety.
Our aggregate group with the use of live-bottom trailers loads and transports up to 5000 tonnes per day into Glencore’s Timmins Paste Fill plant, an integral part of their mining cycle. We also move road salt to municipalities within Northern Ontario and haul ore and concentrates throughout the north and in conjunction with related companies.

M-O Bulk Services operates an internal responsibility system to ensure the health and safety of employees, visitors, suppliers and customers. Tractors are speed limited to 90 km/hr and equipped with PeopleNet on-board computers and dash cameras.



DedicatedWORKS® / ParcelWORKS®

M-O’s Dedicated Contract Services division was launched in 1989 to service the Greater Toronto Area for parcel pick-up and delivery on behalf of Canada Post Corporation. DedicatedWorks® / ParcelWorks® provides dedicated contract services for transportation of parcels, mail, envelopes and general freight throughout Canada and the United States including pick-up, delivery, warehousing and storage, consolidation, freight forwarding and brokerage by various modes including truck, rail, marine and air. Please contact us to see how DedicatedWorks® / ParcelWorks® may be able to assist you.