Technology For The Future

Forward thinking in technology has been one of the many keys to the company’s success since 1962, and this commitment is still embraced today by senior company management.  In February 2014 M-O successfully implemented TruckMate a TMW operating system. This advanced and powerful application was customized for the transportation of LTL (less than truck load) and TL (truck load) freight applications. This system has self-measured capabilities, including trending and performance analysis.

Our EDI Offerings

This internal software produces accurate and timely operating reports and can be tailored to specific customer needs with EDI capability. We have the latest in EDI and available technologies and as such have become an industry leader. We strive each and every day to ensure we are at the forefront of technology enabling our customers to communicate with us quickly, accurately and seamlessly.



Information At Our Finger Tips

Maritime-Ontario understands the need to provide shipment visibility to our customers and have embraced high-tech advances throughout our extensive operating network.

Our wireless solutions are significant in both our local and long-haul divisions. Our satellite and other communication technologies offer dual mode satellite/terrestrial tracking throughout North America including  ibright telematics.

This technology enables us to provide remote control, real-time temperature monitoring; real-time customer monitoring of goods in transit; out of temperature range alerts; remote fuel monitoring and alerts; GPS and geofence tracking; as well as two-way communication to change unit setting while in transit.